The Certainty Meter

Much of the concern around retirement comes from a lack of clarity. We help clients to gauge the level of certainty in their wealth so that they can maintain both financial and emotional security around retirement.


STEP 1 Financial Reality

Through the Full Wealth Inventory, we get a realistic look at your finances by
compiling in one place the details of your savings, investments and monthly cash
flow. This allows us to see in a very numerical sense what you’ll actually need to
accomplish before you retire.

STEP 2 Setting the Needle

The Calm Waters Questionnaire is your opportunity to settle on the priorities and goals that are most important to you. This means we can identify the things you need to be certain about in order to be comfortable with your wealth in retirement and in the years leading up to it.

STEP 3 Predictable Progress

With the parameters set, we implement your investments, annuities, insurance and other strategies that will allow your cash flow, growth and lifestyle to be more predictable. We walk you through your plan and bring you up to speed on its various components.

STEP 4 Meter Maintenance

Maintaining the level of certainty and security that you need involves a number of tasks. These include active monitoring of your investments, tracking growth and cash flow, and conducting regular meetings to ensure we adjust the meter to any changes in your life.