-3 to -5 Years: Alignment

It’s easy to get into the routine of your work or your business and put aside the details of your retirement plan, but within 3-5 years of retirement it’s essential to have a clear process for getting your finances into alignment for retirement.

Because our focus is making your finances more reliable, in support of your emotional and financial security, we often provide the most value to individuals within this segment of the retirement timeline. Whether you’re just starting to think about retirement planning or you have many of the preparations made, we’ll provide the clarity you need to be secure in your upcoming transition.

For those within 3-5 years of retirement, our services include:

  • Analysis of your current plans and finances
  • Identifying high priority tasks for reducing risk, improving income and saving tax
  • Clear communication and client education
  • Coordinating with tax and estate professionals to ensure all paperwork is in place
  • Evaluating and integrating all sources of income for retirement
  • Planning for the sale or transition of your business